The Girl I Met A Year Ago

Let me tell you a story.

1 min readDec 29, 2020

There was this girl I met last year. She wad that kind of girl who is always alone inside her small bedroom. She spends her time there talking with her best friend. But mostly, she will spend her time watching and listening to her lover.


I’m bluffing.


Because, first, she doesn’t have a BEST FRIEND. And, second, she never had someone to call as her ‘LOVER’.

So, let me rephrase it, then.

She spends her time talking with her paper. But mostly, she will spend her time watching and listening on her phone.

It’s where she can keep her sanity.

Through writing, her mind can experience calmness and peacefulness.

Because it lets her build her own world. Writing lets her imagine a world full of hope and love.

Sometimes, she will sit beside her window and will just stare at the sky for a few minutes. And that can make her feel relaxed. Because, it’s like meditating with the nature.

It calms her.

It gives her peace.

She believes that she might be alone, but she is not lonely.

She may not have so many friends, at least she have a few whom she is sure are her real friends.

You may not know it, or might not seen it, but she had already experienced and learned so many things. And she’s still learning and experiencing what life really and truly is.