What I Realized as a Fangirl

Lessons I learned as a fan of different KPop groups.

3 min readNov 7, 2020

There are people who, without them knowing, had helped us grow. Along the way, they taught us things and lessons that sometimes schools forgot to teach to us. Loving ourselves and being who we are. That sometimes it’s okay if you don’t have dreams at the moment yet, as long as you continue to love, live and believe in yourself, it’s okay.

Fortunately, being a fan girl had helped me to continue dreaming. And to continue believing in it. One of my dreams was to see my idol but I am a girl who belongs to those who’ll choose to buy the needs than my wants. Although I can afford to buy some cheap merchandise, I chose not to do so.

I come into realization that we can want every things in this world, but can’t have all of it. Only a few will be in our hands.

Maine Mendoza, one of the biggest and famous celebrity here in the Philippines, once said on one of her blogs that;

“There are things beyond our control and sometimes we just have to let life happen and move forward.”

And I agree with her. Although we are the one who controls our lives, we are the one who choose and decide for ourselves, and not anyone else, there are still things who happen to be not in our zone of control.

Admit it, when we saw something we want to have, we get obsessed to the idea of having it. We will do anything to have it. We’ll work hard to have it. And sometimes we didn’t noticed that we have already let our life revolve around it.

It’s like this, we want to go to a concert. So in order for it to happen, we’ll save money by keeping some extras from our allowances or by working harder in part-time job or we can ask some financial help from our parents or friends. Everything just for that two-day concert you’ve been wanting to go.

Another one, you heard about a dating rumor of your beloved idol, and you’re one of those who can’t accept it. So you go to your social media to give a rant about it because you don’t want them with other women but you.

It’s not like that, my ladies. Life isn’t how you want it to be at all. It’s always been the opposite of what you’re expecting it to be. You want your idol to just look only at you, but it is not what fate wants you to have and experience in this one lifetime. You deserve more than that.

You get mad when your idol failed to do the things you expected and also wanted them to do.

Mendoza said,

“We should not let the virtual world turn us into another person.”

It’s okay to voice out the things you want to tell them, but always know your limit. Don’t force them to doing things they are not happy to do. Their lives are not yours. We all have different lives, and that means we have different choices and decisions to make. All that we all need are support and acceptance from each other.

Our idols may not pass the expectations we set for them, I hope that it will not be a reason to us to stop supporting and loving them. No matter how imperfect we are to each other, acceptance is the only key to live a better life. If our life’s motto is acceptance, then we don’t have any more problem with differences and imperfections.

Magulo, lol. :/